Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'd settle for a slow down...

In between packing, calling insurance companies - dropping & adding different policies, turning on new utilities, hunting for free boxes (I refuse to ever pay for a box with nothing in it), scheduling final walk through, scheduling document signings, scheduling moving truck, scheduling grandmas' to watch little one during Operation: Move In One Day, making it to early doctor appointments, getting jury summoned AGAIN, multiple trips to drop off items at Goodwill, dealing with a toddler that won't go to sleep & is hitting her terrible twos at mach2 speed (the speed of sound... doubled- DUH!), calling escrow company over & over to confirm final settlement charges, annnd hitting my 3rd trimester (phew!)...

Let's just say I'm feeling a little bit overwhelmed and a lot-of-bit stressed!

I try to take my job (family manager/stay at home mom) very seriously. After all, Jason does bring in ALL the money to provide for us in every financial sense, so it's silly for me to not be the one taking care of  just about everything else. I've been blessed to have a husband who constantly wants to help me out on top of going to work each week, but at the end of the day, these are all things I want to be responsible for. All because I love my husband oh so so much!

Anywho! Today we're going to do a final walk through of the house (make sure it's still in the same condition it was last time we saw it before we sign papers), tomorrow we're going to the title/escrow company to sign documents & write checks, and then between Thursday and Friday our loan gets funded and the keys are placed in our hands.

Here's our cookie-cutter-typical-run-of-the-mill Arizona home. =) A first home, not a dream home!