Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Weekend. Aside from an epic toddler tantrum in the car twice this weekend & Grace kicking daddy out of bed last night to sleep with me (the wind scared her to death - and only an already-sleep-deprived mommy would do!), we had a great weekend with family & friends.

Grace sure enjoyed herself!!

While having kids does make the holidays a little a lot more stressful, it's so much more fun with them! Seeing my daughter light up with joy at the thought of opening presents or hunting for eggs... that's awesome. She will continue to ask me to hid eggs around the house for the next week, and I gladly will!

Today (woops, yesterday - I wrote this last night, and not posting it until this morning!) I am thankful that Jesus died for our sins, and that his resurrection day came soon after, but I'm no more thankful today than I am ALL 364 other days of the year. Through prayer everyday He knows this. He is Alive for us every single day, and it doesn't take Easter to remind me of this.