Thursday, May 5, 2011

Snacking > Packing

I don't just find myself procrastinating when I've got something I need/should be doing. No. I tend to go out of my way to make sure I procrastinate. (Hence, my blog title.) Today hasn't been much different.

After I packed, oh say about... 1/3 of one box today, I remembered that I told myself to make a habit of finding a way to exercise at least once a day. That's when I had a brilliant plan start to form in my head. Gracie loves being in her stroller now. I love walking (easiest form of exercise). And I love food! Snack food lately, to be specific. Genius plan? Walk to Target and pick up...

Stuff to make Rice Krispy Treats!!

So I got my exercise in for today, but now I know I'll be finding myself eating Rice Krispy Treats all day with my daughter. Oh, and on the way home we passed a Subway, and that's when another craving started setting in... Bacon Ranch Sandwich.  
Where did my willpower go?  

So It's almost 2pm, and I've almost got 3 boxes packed for today.
Are those elves on the Kellogg's box for hire??