Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Weekend. Aside from an epic toddler tantrum in the car twice this weekend & Grace kicking daddy out of bed last night to sleep with me (the wind scared her to death - and only an already-sleep-deprived mommy would do!), we had a great weekend with family & friends.

Grace sure enjoyed herself!!

While having kids does make the holidays a little a lot more stressful, it's so much more fun with them! Seeing my daughter light up with joy at the thought of opening presents or hunting for eggs... that's awesome. She will continue to ask me to hid eggs around the house for the next week, and I gladly will!

Today (woops, yesterday - I wrote this last night, and not posting it until this morning!) I am thankful that Jesus died for our sins, and that his resurrection day came soon after, but I'm no more thankful today than I am ALL 364 other days of the year. Through prayer everyday He knows this. He is Alive for us every single day, and it doesn't take Easter to remind me of this.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Enjoying the Small Things., Ed 1

...Today I'm especially enjoying the small things...

Pigtails that don't get pulled out all day long & little polka dot dresses.

Coming home to a mess, because I've got a place to call my home.

Alfredo sauce stuck to the side of my face after finishing a whole dinner at Olive Garden for the first time ever!

Watching my daughter share cookies with friends.

A body massage from Jason that almost never ended.

The first few minutes in the morning when I'm the only one awake in the house.

God's Grace in my life, though His son Jesus.

Hope ya'll have a blessed Easter Sunday!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Summer in April.

The AC is running, seat beats are leaving 2nd degree burns, and little tan lines are starting to form.

We are super thrilled that it's hot enough outside now to enjoy some a lot of days by the pool! It's got to be one of Gracie's favorite things to do, and I'm definitely not opposed to spending an hour or two in the sun!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pancakes & Home Loans.

If I get incredibly large this time around, I'm blaming my 2 year old. Every single day when she wakes up she runs into my room and the first thing out of her little mouth, "Pancakes Momma!!" So every morning I drag myself out of bed and make a batch. She eats a coupe of small pancakes, but there's usually a bunch left over, so I make myself some ginormous pancakes to feed my own cravings. My cravings by the way, are getting way out of control, but my weight hasn't...yet! We shall see! I'm in the market for another round of ZERO stretch marks. 

Anyways, it seems our house hunt as finally ended! We found a cute cozy little house in Peoria, AZ. I use the words cute, cozy, and little because it's the one of the smallest houses we looked at. Weighing in at just 1322 SqFt. It's a house that will do until my two children reach a pre-teen stage probably, IF that long. We offered $10,000 more than the bank was asking for (because we know how the banks play their 'games') and didn't ask for any help with closing costs. (which means as of next month we are completely flat on our butts BROKE!) We ended up beating out THIRTEEN other offers. Our loan hasn't gone in underwriting yet, and our ten days don't actually start until next week, but I'm keeping an optimistic attitude. You pretty much have to or you'll go crazy! In today's market the banks/loans are demanding so much from you. Even with a FHA loan & only 3.5% down, you still need at least ten grand in the bank after closing costs and everything, and that's for a house under a hundred grand! Everything costs a pretty penny!