Thursday, May 21, 2009

9 things learned.

I often find myself reminiscing about a time not too long ago when I was pregnant. This is obvious if you've read anything prior to this entry. So in boredom, I've compiled a list of things I learned from being pregnant. =) Enjoy.

  1. No two pregnant woman are the same. So often I found myself comparing me to everyone else. Why did their baby kick so soon? Why am I so much bigger/smaller? You can ask questions like, when did you start feeling pregnant? But the truth is, its different for everyone. I knew I was pregnant before I ever took a test & I think I was literally 2 weeks into it. I've known people who didn't know until they were 7 months! (crazy, I know.) Some people gain 100lbs & others, like me, gain 22lbs. My doctor told me to eat what I wanted, just not to go crazy, and I did, & gained the 'perfect' amount. Others, eat extremely healthy & still pack that baby weight. Some of us are just real lucky. Either way, the weight comes off. Most of it...

  2. Its definitely a transitional time, so take advantage! Having a baby is a big change in your life. There is so much preparing to do & life changes to make. This is the perfect opportunity to work on other parts of your life that need mending or changing. Most of my changes were on the inside.

  3. Pregnancy is gross. It can be anyways. Like uhhhh, laughing too hard and peeing just a tad in your undies. Ya, it happens a lot if you've got a sense of humor & a very sensitive, almost always, full bladder. And yes, women toot. Quite often too when you're carrying a baby. I'm just glad Jason had a great atittude & sense of humor about it all.

  4. You're not Wonder Woman, but you're not recovering from a 20yr coma either! Some woman use pregnancy as an excuse to do virtually nothing! Wussies! Unless you're put on bedrest or told to take it easy from a doctor, you can work, you can clean, you can even exercise. I worked on my feet for 10 hours sometimes when I was 9 months pregnant. Sure, my back was sore, my feet ached at the end of the shift, but you know what, it was great exercise & being on your feet, walking around, is actually really good in that last month. It helps move the process along. I'm a prime example.

  5. You'll never recieve so many massages in your life. If you're lucky I guess. Jason rubbed my feet and/or back every single time I asked. No matter how worn out he was from work or basketball. He was amazing! And I was spoiled!

  6. Buying baby stuff is as addictive as crack! Or so I've been old. I guess I wouldn't entirely know. I hear its addictive though. Be patient. I was in such a hurry to start buying that I decided since I didn't know the sex of the baby, I would do neutral things. Well, when I found out she was a she, I was disappointed by small amount of pink things I had. I was sad that I hadn't waited & went with a pink themed baby room.

  7. People will never be this nice to you again. People always wanted to talk to me. Ask me questions, touch my belly. I felt so special. Like I was super unique. The only pregnant woman in the whole world! Ha. Doors were opened. People offered to carry things for me. I am finding out though, people are still super nice when you're carrying around a super cute baby girl! =)

  8. Do not take advice & just pretend to listen to all the BS! People told me so many scary things about being pregnant & labor. Fortuntely, I never got myself worked up over it. I always saw it as another obsticle I got to overcome. Morning sickness. Check. Spreading of the hips. Check. Labor without epideral. No check. Labor with epideral. Check.

  9. Being pregnant = no dirty diapers. Enjoy it. Charish these short 10 months. (Ya, its not 9... fault advertising!) Being pregnant is not near as much work as caring for a little one. Enjoy your sleep. It WILL be a long time before you know what its like to not be tired. But most of all, enjoy!!!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

momma's day.

My first Mother's Day was amazing! I spent all day with the most important people to me in the world. We had lunch out with my family, & swam and had dinner with Jay's side. Gracie made me the cutest little card! (Jason had a big hand in it.) The card had Gracie's foot prints & hand prints all over it, and Gracie made her first drawing for momma. (Jay put the crayons in her hands and moved the paper around when she gripped the crayons.) Jason also wrote me the sweetest letter ever, along with some useful coupons for me to use (ex: body massage & house cleaning!!) I also got lots from my sister, grandma, and mother. For Mother's Day, I bought and personalized photo albums and had all the pictures we have of Gracie's first 3 months printed up and placed inside for the moms. Jason & I also made sure we wrote letters telling them both just how much we love and appreciate them! We both seriously have the best moms. And they make the best grandmas in the whole wide world. That's not an opinion, its a fact. All in all, it was a wonderful day! I am so blessed to have the family I have.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


This should be quick. I have a friend on her way over right now. Happy Cinco De Mayo!A year ago today I got engaged. And almost exactly a month later I found out I was preggers with little Gracie. Most people say, wow time flies, but really... a year ago seems like forever ago! I already don't remember what it's like to not have Gracie, I don't remember what its like to be pregnant, and I don't remember what its like to not have Jason in my life. I'm ok with all of this of coarse!!

Gracie LOVES mirrors. She'll stare at herself for the longest time, then start kickin her feet and wavin her arms around with the most excitement. It is so cute. She's wearing a cute pink dress today with baby knee high pink socks and a pink bow around her head.  Its as adorable as it sounds!