Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Side Note: It's super weird to find out people have searched my name in Google's search bar, but then it's even freakier to find out just today someone actually did an image search on my name, found a picture of me, and then ended up here.  Hey, creepster, what's the deal? Nothing better do to?

Anyways, here's a fluffy post A-Z, all about me. =)

A. Age: 25- soon to be 26. I still feel pretty young, until I hear 21 year olds freaking out about 22!
B. Bed spread color(s): Earth tones, and I can't wait to upgrade! I hate them.
C. Chore you dislike: It's probably the most simple one, but I hate doing laundry! You'd think it would be the kitchen & bathroom, since that is something I clean every single day, or every other day. Can't stay a dirty kitchen or bathroom. Clutter is one thing, hygiene is another!

D. Dogs: Currently no. Since we're buying a house right now, we've recently played around with the idea in the future, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to take on another potty trainee so soon!
E. Essential start to your day: BIG glass of water, Gracie smiles, & a waffle. When I pop this baby out, coffee will be back on my list!

F. Favorite color: Don't have a favorite.

G. Gold or silver: I'm big on silver. Not a fan of gold. Slightly OT: We actually own around 100 oz of silver that we bought when it was only 12/oz. If you're up to speed on the stocks... that's cha-ching-ching in our pockets!

H. Height: 5′ 7”

I. Instruments you play(ed): I played the violin, moved to the flute, and stopped with the piano. Don't ask me to play any of these instruments today- I couldn't read a page of music if my life depended on it.

J. Job title: Family Manager

K. Kids: Gracie Jo- 2 yrs old. Levi- Coming Soon!

L. Live for ______: God, Jason, & my children.

M. Most embarrassing moment: I've been pretty darn lucky to not have any worth remembering.

N. Nicknames: Dee, but most people just call me Deena or Deena Jo.

O. Overnight hospital stays: Just when Grace was born. I've been an out-patient twice, and I've got a couple overnight stays coming up & one more out-patient procedure planned in the very near future.

P. Pet peeves: When people don't shut cabinet doors & when people don't use or forget to turn off their blinkers. I've got a lot more, but I don't like to be negative.

Q. Quote from a movie: I’m not a big movie person.

S. Siblings: I have a 'little' sister, who is only 16 months younger than me, most people guess she's older, even though I'm the one whose been married, had kids, and I'm the one that doesn't still live at home! Hm.

T. Time you wake up: When Gracie wakes up, which is usually 8am. I love it!

U. Ultimate vacation spot: I want to go on a cruise so bad, I've never been!

V. Vegetables: Asparagus, broccoli, and corn on the cod!

W. What makes you run late: Having babies. I use to be early to everything!! I'm usually still on time, but I'm occasionally late, and I can't stand that feeling!

X. X-rays you’ve had: On my teeth for the usually cleaning/checkup, and one of my chest; but I don't remember why.

Y. Yummy food you make: My dad taught me to bake a great cake!

Z. Zoo animal favorites: Tigers.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sunshine & Grace-isms.

It's been an amazing past few days here in Phoenix. Almost everyday we've spend by the pool with Grace. Last night Jason did up Tbones, while I cooked & grilled asparagus and potato wedges, & of coarse ate them outside right next to the pool. It's actually 10am, and I'm already gearing Grace & I up for some swimming.

My daughter, now a month past 2 years old, has a rapidly growing personality. She makes me laugh every single day, and she completely catches me off guard at least 10 times a day with the silliest questions and comments! A few things lately...

Just now, she asked for a piece of chocolate. When I gave it to her, she thanked me 3 times! Not only thanking me, but kissing my stomach saying, "Thank you baby brother".

Last weekend Jason called her his Gracie Baby, and she corrected him, saying, "No dada,  I not baby, I Gracie JO!" And this morning when I woke her up I called her baby (a habit I'm trying sooo hard to break!), to which she told me, "I not baby no more, I'm Gracie Jo".

Jason & I play these 'I'm gonna get you' games where we chase her around the house and she'll scream running away from one of us and into the other one's arms. During this time, whoever is the parent 'saving' her, she calls 'Super'. "Help me Super Momma, Dada gonna get me! Super Momma!!" Exact quote from last night.

We saw a little newborn baby boy the other day, and I told Grace he maybe was someone else's baby brother. And she told me that he was not HER baby brother, and then reminded me that HER baby brother was inside my belly.

She calls her swimsuit, her 'swim soup', and when she 'reads' us a book, at the end, instead of saying The End, she says, "B M".

Sometimes when I tell her to dance, she starts waddling like a penguin saying 'dance like a penguin'. It was super random and completely caught me off guard the first time.

She knows that a ghost says boo (I'm still dumbfounded as to how she knows that?).

She's scared to death of bugs and a picture of Bob Marley...

If a motorcycle, air plain, or truck drives by, she can tell you which one it was by just the sound it made.

She's just so gosh-darn cute, and I'm loving just about every minute of being her mommy.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Updating My Life...

It's 9:20am, and my daughter is STILL sleeping. (I'm def. not complaining!) So I thought I would spit out a quick blog. An update of  my life if you will...

Firstly, my precious little baby girl is not so much a baby anymore. She turned two last month. It's a hard fact to face when you realize everyone was soo right. "They grow up way too stinkin' fast!" "It will fly by before you know it." "Take pictures/videos, because someday you won't remember what it was even like before they first sat, crawled, walked, ect."

Secondly, we found out that we're expecting a BOY! At first I freaked a little bit, I will admit. I always pictured myself with two girls (that was actually why we planned this pregnancy when we did, so our 'girls' would be close in age (to share clothes, toys, friends, ect. (because I was set on baby girls stuff too!)) So when I saw that little hotdog on the screen, my heart skipped a beat. After much thought and prayer however, I am ready to welcome a baby boy into my life this summer, and I wouldn't change that for the world. God's plans are not always the same plans we have for ourselves. And now, I'm sooo excited!

Thirdly, we are in the processes of buying our first (starter- if you will) home. It's def. an older home (that's why I say starter...) Built in the late 60s. There's the good, the bad, and the super ugly when it comes to this one. Good: 4bd, a heated swimming pool, over 1900sq., good sized laundry room with a bonus room, 2 fireplaces (one in the master bedroom - which I'm sooo excited to use!) New tile & carpet through out. The bad: No garage! Super old kitchen with old drawers & cabinets and the age of the home in general scares me! And the ugly: The neighborhood is old. Some people keep their homes in not so great shape. The outside of the house makes the home look tiny, and the yard needs grass, and the house is currently painted a poop brown color. ughhh!

((EDIT: The above has been crossed out because tonight we decided to forgo this house and withdraw our offer. Things just didn't feel right. There were both small and big things we just couldn't look past. We both felt that 'something just didn't feel right'.  I don't know what the future holds, but I want to make sure every decision we make along the way is the best for Jason, myself, and our babies. And I trust that God will take care of us!))

Well, it's time go to say good morning to my daughter. She's awake and singing twinkle twinkle little star in her room. =) Love when she wakes up in a great mood!