Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stat Time. 30 Weeks.

 I hit 30 weeks this last Sunday, and since I've just found my little girl preciously napping in MY bed, I thought I'd skip my nap and head for the computer. I'll regret this one in about an hour, I'm sure!
How far along? 30 weeks, 4 days
Total weight gain/loss: Loss? Ha! I've hit the 20lb marker - hoping to slow things down a little.

Stretch marks?: I'm going to say it out loud and totally jinx myself.  NONE to account for yet! I'm keeping fingers & toes crossed very, very tightly! You've got no idea how much I would love to pop these kids out without a single piece of evidence I ever did. =)

Maternity Clothes: My mom wanted to pick me up maternity clothes as soon as we found out I was pregnant. I told her to get ALL small, because I didn't get big with Gracie, so why would I THIS time. Well, those smalls are getting pretty dang small right about now. I've got two Old Navy shirts that I pretty much live in, and I've got a good amount of bottoms to pick from. If I'm at home though, I'm generally in my jammies. I'm making no plans on buying any new purchases.

Sleep: I can't break the habit of sleeping on my back. I wake up at least 6 times a night on my back. Aside from that & how ridiculously painful it is on my legs getting out of bed to pee at night, I'm sleeping alright. 

Best Moment Of This Week: My husband telling me that even pregnant and all, he still finds me incredible attractive, and then me actually believing him. 

Movement: Too much? Is that possible? This kid doesn't sleep. It's comforting to see and feel all the movements, but sometimes I'm like 'you've showed off enough for one day, take a break!'

Gender: His penis... well ya, it's still there. 

Labor Signs: Nothing much, a few braxton hicks here and there, that's about it.

Food Cravings: It's something different ALL the time. Usually snacks/sweets. With Gracie it was hot/spicy all the time.

Belly Button In or Out: It's about leveled right now. But on top of the belly button where my piercing was, it kind of protrudes out a little bit, which appears to resemble that of an outtie outside my shirt.

What I Miss: My higher energy levels, laying on my stomach, and having an icy old beer paired with bar food. 

What I'm looking forward to: Not being asked by men constantly when I'm due... at the gas station, at the grocery story, while taking Grace for a walk in her wagon, ect. 

Weekly Wisdom: Just enjoy the 'easiness' of being pregnant before that little dude needs my attention around the clock. 

Baby Brain Moment of the Week: Not being able, for the life of me, to think of easy everyday words, such as 'Garage'. A couple days ago this was me... "Jason, open the... that... you know... well you know what I mean... that button thing... OUTSIDE!... where you put the cars and junk... HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!!!???" (And that, my friends, was NO exaggeration!)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Enjoying the Small Things., Ed 2

It's Saturday morning, & I'm sitting with my laptop on the couch next to an open window listening to the faint sounds of birds outside. (Yes- if you know me, you know I despise birds, but a couple tweets in the far distance is working out fine this morning.) If I wasn't currently 'with child' right now I'd be sipping on a hot, strong coffee- with way too much vanilla creamer mixed in. I'd probably be on cup number three...

This morning that I'm-so-blessed-in-my-life feeling is coming on strong. I'm just enjoying the small things right now...

Eating an ice cream drumstick five minutes before bed last night, then again this morning at 7am.

Board games late at night with the husband that involve heavy flirting & really bad fake accents.

Gracie getting excited for me to do her hair; getting to pick ponytails or piggy-tails. 

Grace telling me that 'her new car' is smiling at her.

One crafty banner I made waiting to be hung up on my daughter's wall.

A partial pay paternity leave request for my husband, excepted!!

And still the anticipation (yet perfectly content waiting) to meet our little dude in just two months.

Happy Saturday!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Summing It Up, Thus Far.

Someone nominated my blog at Circle Of Moms under the Top 25 Pregnancy Journals. I'm not sure who it was, but I took a look today and I'm actually in the running at #23. So if you'd like to take a quick second, click here, mossy on down the list a tad, and vote for I Should Be Doing Laundry... that would be neato. Thanks!
So since, apparently my journal has anonymously been named a 'pregnancy journal', I thought I'd sum up my experience carrying baby #2 (Levi) this time around, thus far.

First Trimester:
I spent most of these weeks in the fetal position on the couch while praying that my almost-two-year-old at the time could pretty much fend for herself. Morning sickness my buttocks! It was all day sickness, every single day sickness. The smells, tastes, and even the sight of some things left me running for the bathroom dry-heaving (which is way worse than actually vomiting to me.). I experienced a little sickness with Gracie, but nothing like this. (Everyone, their mother & their cat at this point was convinced I was having a boy. Apparently Old Wives Tales NEVER die).

Second Trimester:
I'm feeling Ahhh- MAZING!!! at this point. I could stay pregnant all my life if needed be (I jumped the gun a little bit). I felt great. I'd seriously forget I was even pregnant until my growing belly got in the way of something/someone, or when people had to remind me to 'not pick that up!!'. I'm a very do-it-myself kind of girl. I don't like that feeling of being handicapped from doing something I can normally do on my own.

Third Trimester (My Armageddon?):
I am soo over it. This is my last pregnancy, and at first I was a little sad I'd be experiencing all this for the very last time. Yea. That feeling is now out. the. window. I feel fat, I feel tired, I feel like I'm 80 years old. At night I try and hold my bladder as long as I can to keep from having to get out of bed. I'm not sleeping well, and I've got one (going on two now) pinched static nerve, which at times makes it hard to even sit still. I am convinced that if I was not a SAHM right now, I'd have to go start my leave of absence right now. And my doctor says my tummy is measuring bigger than average. BUT! Aside from the pain and extreme low-self esteem I'm experiencing this trimester, feeling those kicks and tumbles that my little dude in there is doing... makes all the pain worth it. Remembering what it's like to hold Grace for the first time, and now actually knowing how it's like to see your child and love them unconditionally at first sight... yep. All. Worth. It. I would do it a million more times for Grace if I had to. And I know I'll feel the same way about my little boy.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Snacking > Packing

I don't just find myself procrastinating when I've got something I need/should be doing. No. I tend to go out of my way to make sure I procrastinate. (Hence, my blog title.) Today hasn't been much different.

After I packed, oh say about... 1/3 of one box today, I remembered that I told myself to make a habit of finding a way to exercise at least once a day. That's when I had a brilliant plan start to form in my head. Gracie loves being in her stroller now. I love walking (easiest form of exercise). And I love food! Snack food lately, to be specific. Genius plan? Walk to Target and pick up...

Stuff to make Rice Krispy Treats!!

So I got my exercise in for today, but now I know I'll be finding myself eating Rice Krispy Treats all day with my daughter. Oh, and on the way home we passed a Subway, and that's when another craving started setting in... Bacon Ranch Sandwich.  
Where did my willpower go?  

So It's almost 2pm, and I've almost got 3 boxes packed for today.
Are those elves on the Kellogg's box for hire??

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'd settle for a slow down...

In between packing, calling insurance companies - dropping & adding different policies, turning on new utilities, hunting for free boxes (I refuse to ever pay for a box with nothing in it), scheduling final walk through, scheduling document signings, scheduling moving truck, scheduling grandmas' to watch little one during Operation: Move In One Day, making it to early doctor appointments, getting jury summoned AGAIN, multiple trips to drop off items at Goodwill, dealing with a toddler that won't go to sleep & is hitting her terrible twos at mach2 speed (the speed of sound... doubled- DUH!), calling escrow company over & over to confirm final settlement charges, annnd hitting my 3rd trimester (phew!)...

Let's just say I'm feeling a little bit overwhelmed and a lot-of-bit stressed!

I try to take my job (family manager/stay at home mom) very seriously. After all, Jason does bring in ALL the money to provide for us in every financial sense, so it's silly for me to not be the one taking care of  just about everything else. I've been blessed to have a husband who constantly wants to help me out on top of going to work each week, but at the end of the day, these are all things I want to be responsible for. All because I love my husband oh so so much!

Anywho! Today we're going to do a final walk through of the house (make sure it's still in the same condition it was last time we saw it before we sign papers), tomorrow we're going to the title/escrow company to sign documents & write checks, and then between Thursday and Friday our loan gets funded and the keys are placed in our hands.

Here's our cookie-cutter-typical-run-of-the-mill Arizona home. =) A first home, not a dream home!