Saturday, May 21, 2011

Enjoying the Small Things., Ed 2

It's Saturday morning, & I'm sitting with my laptop on the couch next to an open window listening to the faint sounds of birds outside. (Yes- if you know me, you know I despise birds, but a couple tweets in the far distance is working out fine this morning.) If I wasn't currently 'with child' right now I'd be sipping on a hot, strong coffee- with way too much vanilla creamer mixed in. I'd probably be on cup number three...

This morning that I'm-so-blessed-in-my-life feeling is coming on strong. I'm just enjoying the small things right now...

Eating an ice cream drumstick five minutes before bed last night, then again this morning at 7am.

Board games late at night with the husband that involve heavy flirting & really bad fake accents.

Gracie getting excited for me to do her hair; getting to pick ponytails or piggy-tails. 

Grace telling me that 'her new car' is smiling at her.

One crafty banner I made waiting to be hung up on my daughter's wall.

A partial pay paternity leave request for my husband, excepted!!

And still the anticipation (yet perfectly content waiting) to meet our little dude in just two months.

Happy Saturday!