Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Days.

I can't believe how quickly 2010 has come and almost gone. This year has been filled with so many blessed days. Don't get me wrong, I am not perfect, my family is not perfect, and I definitely had days this year when I wanted to pull out my hair, lock my daughter in her room, or just cry uncontrollably over something probably super ridiculous! I didn't actually do these things, but I'm sure their were a handful of days when the thought had crossed my mind. The thing is, days like these are so few and far apart, that I never actually remember how they started or how they ended. The days I remember are the ones that made me either cry from laughing so hard, or cry because just when I thought I couldn't possibly love my daughter more than I did that very second, she goes and tells me for the first time out of the blue, "Momma, I love you". Or the time I stubbed my toe really hard on the coffee table, and she bent down, kissed my foot, hugged me, and said "I kiss your boo-boo. I sowwy momma".  (I might get worked up just thinking about it again).

I remember as 2010 rolled in last year thinking no year could ever possibly beat how great 2009 was. Man, I was naive. Yes, getting married to Jason was wonderful and having a perfect 6lb 3oz baby girl placed into my arms was, at that moment, the happiest, most joyful thing I had ever felt. But it's a random Monday morning or Wednesday night when the feeling usually hits me hard. A wedding ceremony is great, but the moments I love most are when we're laying in bed cuddling, reflecting on a day's end, or walking hand in hand at the park trailing behind Gracie as she chases pigeons. The birth of my daughter is a day I will never forget, but it's when she comes up to me when I'm on the computer and grabs my hand insisting that I play 'tea party' with her right that very second. Or when she simply wants to share her cookies with me.

I know some years will be better than others, and some might be especially trying, but I feel like bad days, bad weeks, and even bad months are just here to remind us how wonderful all the good ones really are.