Friday, December 3, 2010

We're Got a Secret to Share...

Ok, so I'll get straight to the point...

I'm Pregnant!!!

Yes, those are my dollar store tests, and they work!
And we're thrilled! We started trying in July, and after a few negative tests, and some super unreliable periods, we decided to stop trying so hard. Instead of 'making appointments', we decided to stop tracking Aunt Flo, and just 'have fun'. And it worked, fast!  I'm not very far along, and I had a few doubts about telling people right away, but I don't like keeping things like this to myself, so I'm talking!

This will be our second, and last, child. I know this for sure, because I'll be scheduled to have a hysterectomy probably six weeks post-labor. I'll get into details about that later, but just know that its good news, because we've never wanted more than two kids (and no periods for the REST of my life... uhh, yes please!).

Anyways, from my calculations via the internet (and they were right on target with Gracie), I am due July 31st 2011, and am currently 6 weeks along.

We don't care if the baby's got hot dog or hamburger parts! I got my one girl and will be happy with whatever God throws in our direction.

Oh, and I can't forget...

These are from Jason. He came home early from work with these in hand! =)