Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving 2010!

Happy Thanksgiving! (And Happy Birthday to my beautiful little sister, who turns 24 years old today!!) Jason works until 3 this afternoon, so it doesn't quite feel like I'm waking up to Thanksgiving day when he's not here. I'm having Thanksgiving with my side of the family this afternoon (like a Thanksgiving lunch!), then when Jason gets home we're headed to his parent's house. I love living so close to both of our families, even if it does mean we're stuck in Phoenix for awhile. Today is a day to be especially thankful, so here are just a few things I'm thankful for.
My daughter - She's at the top of my list.
My Jason - He's right up there next to Grace.
My WHOLE entire family!!
God in my life!
Living close to family.
Long weekends.
Giggles from Gracie.
Encouraging moments. 
Apologies & forgiveness.
Hot showers.
My health & family's health.
Being an American.
Having all five senses & all my limps intact. =)
Facebook -keeping me connected to family&friends.
Emails from Jason when he's working - Love him!
My Contacts - glasses give me headaches.
The Epidural - that's right!
Agreeing to disagree.
My caring, sweet little sister - who is 24 TODAY!
Gracie's naps.
My mother & motherinlaw's helping hands!
The digital camera - so many pictures of Gracie!
My boobs - hey, a girl can be thankful for whatever she wants!
Gracie's farts - They don't stink too bad, and they make everyone laugh! =)
A thousand more things! I mean, this list really could go on forever. I feel that blessed!