Wednesday, November 17, 2010


My daughter napped today. Her naps are becoming a little more infrequent than I'd like. Strangely though, today she asked, begged, & demanded that I put her down for a nap. You win! If you're going to force me to enjoy 2 hours of alone time, I will concede and put you down! Pshh.

So today while she slept, I caved and did one of those 'random list thingies' that facebook has going around. You know, ## random things about yourself. Well, after completely this, my daughter woke up, and I immediately regretted not using my alone time to take a nap myself. Ugh, so here it is. 30 of them!

I can’t stand dirty dishes in the LEFT side of the sink. They have to all be on the right side, or in the dishwasher

I have completed over 1000 sudoku puzzles within the last year.

My hair grows soo slooooow.

I hate the whole ‘everyone get out and vote!’ idea. I say only vote if you have an educated idea of what is actually going on in politics.

When I was little, like 5 or 6, I so literally thought I was the most beautiful girl in the entire world. That’s good parenting on my parents behalf, and a lot of gullibility on mine.

After years and years of denying it, I will finally admit, I like my handwriting too!

My first experience with constipation was around 7 years old. I cried, begged, and pleaded for my mother to call the ambulance. She didn’t. And I lived.

I procrastinate everything!! Horrible habit.

I read every single night before I got to bed, no matter how tired I am.

 I’m guilty of channel surfing, a lot! And it bugs my husband, a lot!

My hair is naturally wavy. Naturally a pain in my butt!

I know all fifty states, in alphabetical order. I thought this was pretty neat, but apparently so do a lot of other people…

My daughter was born sunny side up.

When we’d finished bible study at church we used to play ‘heads up seven up’. I dominated. I also cheated EVERY time…

 I still dance around the house like I’m putting on my own concert when no one else is home.

The very first time I kissed my husband (rather, HE kissed me) was on a Valentine’s Day.

I got married in Vegas, surrounded by the people I love most, and it was a BLAST!

 I HATE the idea of snuggies! You know the blanket with arms? You know, the BACKWARDS ROBE!!! Ugh!

I take really, really, REALLY hot showers. And usually come out really red!

 I love being Gracie’s mommy. And Jason’s wife.

Sometimes my mouth starts hurting from smiling so much.  I'm a happy, positive person!

When I was born, they switched me & another baby by accident. Seeing as how much my mother & I look alike, I’m pretty sure they straightened everything out correctly.

I'm not mentioning things I've never done in this list, because until I'm dead, I still might do them.

My blood type is O positive.

When my ‘big girl’ teeth came in, they came in huge! Thank God I grew into them!

 I like to watch American’s Funniest Videos on MUTE (because that dude is not funny!) and I laugh out loud (mostly at the baby & animal stuff), and Jason looks at me like I’m crazy!

 I love when my undergarments match each other!

I don’t like having conversations over text message. My touch screen cannot keep up with my fingers.

My hubby says I look best without makeup on, but I think he’s full of it!

I don’t like when people say ‘I have no regrets, it made me who I am today’. There is nothing wrong with regretting bad decisions!! It’s accepting you were wrong, and taking responsibility.