Sunday, November 7, 2010

November 7th

Another good weekend flew by. Last night Jason & I had 'date night'. We drove around all of Phoenix, Scottsdale, & Tempe for an hour just talking and listening to music before finally deciding where to eat. It's really annoying sometimes just how indecisive we both are. Today we watched the Cardinals play another disappointing game of football at the Rubenstein's new rental with them and the Trembulak's. Looove that our kids are all so close in age!

I'm dead tired this evening. I'm putting off school work to lay in bed and read a book. I can't believe the week is starting all over again already!

On a super random note; I have the most amazing husband ever! No explaining, he's just amazing! Oh, and Grace is 21 months old in exactly 5 hours. Sheesh! Where has the time gone?