Saturday, November 13, 2010

This weekend's agenda.

My little list of things to accomplish before the weekend's over (aside from the SEVEN essay questions due tonight. Eek!)

  • Go to the half price bookstore & get some books. I got a couple titles in mind I'm looking for, but very open to the idea of seeing whats in the $1 section!
  • Target for a single new nail polish color. Something spunky.
  • I got $5 Khols cash & 15% off everything if I use my Khols card.
  • Get some scrapbook paper with my 40% coupon at Michael's.
  • Take a walk. It's amazing outside today!!
  • Stop by my momma's to rummage through her scrapbook room & let Gracie visit with her papa!
  • Maybe a load of Gracie's laundry?
  • Get a redbox (scary/corny) movie & snuggle up on the couch with my hubby (as soon as Gracie goes to bed).
  • Try to fit in all that schoolwork in between. =)