Thursday, July 2, 2009

'we're not in kansas anymore'

It looks like we're not going to Kansas after all. We were planning on leaving this afternoon, but Jason found out he can't get tomorrow off (even though its a paid vacation day). Not enough volunteers to work apparently. It's a bittersweet feeling I've got right now. I wanted to go, to get out of the city, visit Jay's family, & do the road trip thing, buuuut Grace is just about 5 months old & being in the car for 13 hours would not be the ideal way to travel at this point. I already packed everything just in case we got to go, so I get to unpack today. I got my car cleaned out though. So, I'm seeing the good & bad in this. & Jay will be making $35+ an hour tomorrow. Maybe we can do something fun this weekend. We are def going to go somewhere where Grace can see the fireworks. She's going to LOVE fireworks!