Wednesday, June 24, 2009

letters for grace.

This afternoon I started something I wish I had started a long time ago. A notebook that I will fill with letters to Grace that I will give her when she's 16. I want her to know how much I have loved her & I think it would be really cool for her to read stuff like the story of her birth or how cute she was when she first started to crawl, walk, or talk. I'm really happy that Jason & I each wrote her letters before she was even born. I am so thankful for my little girl. As once a girl myself, I know she will cherish things like this. Baby books, pictures, letters; I know she will appreciate it.

On another note, I'm in the mist of packing. I can't get out of here soon enough. My AC went out last night & we were stuck all night without air... in June, in PHOENIX! Tomorrow is my last night here & I am thankful for that!