Thursday, July 16, 2009

goodnight, zombie.

Notice anything different?? No wordpress, blogspot instead. Ya, I thought long and hard, & opted for the change. It took me a little while to figure out how to export wordpress, turn it into blogger's format, then import all my posts to blogspot. Buuut, I'm genius, and I figured it out. I used blogger back when it was first getting started. I think I was 15. Yeah, 15 years old. Its changed a little since then. =) We'll see how this goes, I can always go back to wordpress.

So, this morning was nice. I spent hours listening to Noah Jones, eating brownies, & playing on the floor with my daughter. (Whom was in an awesome mood today, I might add) Its been 3 or 4 days now since I've retreated back to my bed. (Ever since Grace was born I've been sleeping on the couch so that I could be closer to her, even though we have baby monitors.) I'm now training to refrain myself from checking on her every hour of the night. She's not going to stop breathing out of nowhere, stop being so paranoid Deena! She's sleeping up to 5 hours at a time now, and hey!, I can definitely deal with that! I think the hardest change to deal with after having a baby is the inability to get a really good nights rest. Have you ever heard a new mom NOT complain about being tired? I was a walking zombie for a long time. And while I might still look like one, I'm starting to feel like a real, very alive person. And I like that Deena. A lot more than Zombie Deena!