Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Watered Down

I'm sitting on the couch this morning eating my second s'mores pop-tart. Apparently I can't shake off this sugar obsession I've had. You can usually find me early mornings, before my daughter wakes up, scarfing down a drumstick ice cream cone or a few too many chocolate chip cookies. I'm not all bad though. I've recently cut out all soda/tea/juices, and am drinking nothing but water for the rest of my pregnancy. I became almost without a doubt addicted to caffeine free sodas. In doing so, I guess it slipped my mind that all that sugar is still not the best idea, and I was drinking so much of it that I wasn't drinking near enough water. Anyways, just making that cut back- and I haven't gained one pound in 3 weeks. Which is OK because I'm still definitely getting the calorie count I need. (And there were a bunch of weeks where I should have only gained a pound a week - and ahem- yea, I gained a bit more than that!)

See, I've got this goal after my little boy is born.  It's probably the same goal we all have after we give birth; loose weight! I'm not planning on just doing that, I'm planning on being in the absolute best shape of my life! This means eating healthy & exercise on top of just being skinny. (Who am I kidding though, there is no guarantee that I'll even be skinny again without adding these things in.)

Kinda funny how...
My first two trimesters felt like a lifetime and a half! It's hard for me to recall even not being pregnant. But now that I'm reaching the homestretch, it's going by so fast that I'm starting to feel like the weeks are only days. And I'm waiting for that nesting feeling to kick in, because I got a mess of a room that I'd like to give a little attention to before my little dude is born.