Saturday, June 25, 2011

Enjoying the Small Things., Ed 3

It's Friday, Friday...

I don't get how anyone can sit and listen to that song. It doesn't pump me up for the weekend at all, but mad props to the little lady for making a million bucks, in less time than it took me to push my first child out...

Oh! Well! Speaking of child rearing!! I'm at my 35 week mark, and I'm getting a tad anxious. I'm pretty much ready for the little dude to get here. I still have to wash his clothes, pack a hospital bag, and buy another mattress for the crib, but other than that... I think I'm ready? Still nervous. I haven't been the mom of a newborn in 2.5 years, and I've never been mom to a boy before. I hope it's like getting back on a bike after not riding for years. A bike with a different set of external organs...

Anyways, today I'm just finding myself... yep, enjoying the small things.

-Waking up to 'just because chocolates' on the kitchen counter. Then, being made fun of for eating them ALL before lunch!

-$2.00 Old Navy sale on tanks that fit knocked up & post-knocked up.

-Grace thinking every time I light candles in the house that it's daddy's birthday.

-Trying to teach her to swim, and failing miserably.

-My new bikini butt. Thanks to baby weight working hard down there.

-Having my mom off for part of the summer. It's been so great getting to see her so much lately!

-Getting a free quart of paint in the mail this week, along with free baby wipes, free pizza coupons from Barros & Sardellas, free hair products, and body wash samples.

I'm going to try really hard not to rush these next few weeks in my mind, enough though it's so hard! I don't want to spend them thinking and praying that he'll come soon. I want to soak in the feeling of being just Gracie's mom. I want to keep her my little baby just a little while longer...