Thursday, July 14, 2011

Last Pregnancy Update.

I'm closely approaching the last days of my pregnancy. It's a bittersweet feeling. A lot more sweet than it is bitter though.  I'm roughly 37.5 weeks along, and my doctor & I have decided to schedule me for an induction at 39w1day (The evening of the 25th - which means Levi's birthday would be on the 26th. That is IF I make it that far.

As of my last appointment I was 2.75cm dilated & 80% effaced. Been at a 2-ish since at least 36 weeks. The last few weeks my body has been noticeably preparing to go into labor. Tons of contractions, pelvic pain & pressure, and that horrible feeling of the hips starting to spread. Every night I think it might be the night. I've decided to allow my doc to induce me for two reasons. 1.) I'm already progressing, so I assume if I make it that far, my body will only need a little nudge to get things going and 2.) At one point in my pregnancy not too long ago, he was measuring ahead of schedule. Although, fundal height measurements are putting me right on schedule now.

All in all, I'm super excited to experience childbirth again & to meet Levi... && to be not be pregnant anymore!

Far Along: 37w4d.

Weight Gain: Exactly 30lbs

Sleep: Peeing every 30 minutes and irregular contractions all night.

Stretch Marks: I've been incredibly blessed with 'stretchy skin'? Nothing yet!

Labor Signs: I feel like they are everywhere, but nothing real yet!

Going to miss: Restful nights, little baby kicks, excuses to be a little lazy, & feeling 'special'.

NOT going to miss: Being asked how far along I am & what I'm having alllll the time, sore feet, 2 hour doctor visits, and not knowing what my son's little face looks like!

Next post should be Levi's birth story! Wish us luck & say lots of prayers!