Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pancakes & Home Loans.

If I get incredibly large this time around, I'm blaming my 2 year old. Every single day when she wakes up she runs into my room and the first thing out of her little mouth, "Pancakes Momma!!" So every morning I drag myself out of bed and make a batch. She eats a coupe of small pancakes, but there's usually a bunch left over, so I make myself some ginormous pancakes to feed my own cravings. My cravings by the way, are getting way out of control, but my weight hasn't...yet! We shall see! I'm in the market for another round of ZERO stretch marks. 

Anyways, it seems our house hunt as finally ended! We found a cute cozy little house in Peoria, AZ. I use the words cute, cozy, and little because it's the one of the smallest houses we looked at. Weighing in at just 1322 SqFt. It's a house that will do until my two children reach a pre-teen stage probably, IF that long. We offered $10,000 more than the bank was asking for (because we know how the banks play their 'games') and didn't ask for any help with closing costs. (which means as of next month we are completely flat on our butts BROKE!) We ended up beating out THIRTEEN other offers. Our loan hasn't gone in underwriting yet, and our ten days don't actually start until next week, but I'm keeping an optimistic attitude. You pretty much have to or you'll go crazy! In today's market the banks/loans are demanding so much from you. Even with a FHA loan & only 3.5% down, you still need at least ten grand in the bank after closing costs and everything, and that's for a house under a hundred grand! Everything costs a pretty penny!