Thursday, March 3, 2011

Updating My Life...

It's 9:20am, and my daughter is STILL sleeping. (I'm def. not complaining!) So I thought I would spit out a quick blog. An update of  my life if you will...

Firstly, my precious little baby girl is not so much a baby anymore. She turned two last month. It's a hard fact to face when you realize everyone was soo right. "They grow up way too stinkin' fast!" "It will fly by before you know it." "Take pictures/videos, because someday you won't remember what it was even like before they first sat, crawled, walked, ect."

Secondly, we found out that we're expecting a BOY! At first I freaked a little bit, I will admit. I always pictured myself with two girls (that was actually why we planned this pregnancy when we did, so our 'girls' would be close in age (to share clothes, toys, friends, ect. (because I was set on baby girls stuff too!)) So when I saw that little hotdog on the screen, my heart skipped a beat. After much thought and prayer however, I am ready to welcome a baby boy into my life this summer, and I wouldn't change that for the world. God's plans are not always the same plans we have for ourselves. And now, I'm sooo excited!

Thirdly, we are in the processes of buying our first (starter- if you will) home. It's def. an older home (that's why I say starter...) Built in the late 60s. There's the good, the bad, and the super ugly when it comes to this one. Good: 4bd, a heated swimming pool, over 1900sq., good sized laundry room with a bonus room, 2 fireplaces (one in the master bedroom - which I'm sooo excited to use!) New tile & carpet through out. The bad: No garage! Super old kitchen with old drawers & cabinets and the age of the home in general scares me! And the ugly: The neighborhood is old. Some people keep their homes in not so great shape. The outside of the house makes the home look tiny, and the yard needs grass, and the house is currently painted a poop brown color. ughhh!

((EDIT: The above has been crossed out because tonight we decided to forgo this house and withdraw our offer. Things just didn't feel right. There were both small and big things we just couldn't look past. We both felt that 'something just didn't feel right'.  I don't know what the future holds, but I want to make sure every decision we make along the way is the best for Jason, myself, and our babies. And I trust that God will take care of us!))

Well, it's time go to say good morning to my daughter. She's awake and singing twinkle twinkle little star in her room. =) Love when she wakes up in a great mood!