Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sunshine & Grace-isms.

It's been an amazing past few days here in Phoenix. Almost everyday we've spend by the pool with Grace. Last night Jason did up Tbones, while I cooked & grilled asparagus and potato wedges, & of coarse ate them outside right next to the pool. It's actually 10am, and I'm already gearing Grace & I up for some swimming.

My daughter, now a month past 2 years old, has a rapidly growing personality. She makes me laugh every single day, and she completely catches me off guard at least 10 times a day with the silliest questions and comments! A few things lately...

Just now, she asked for a piece of chocolate. When I gave it to her, she thanked me 3 times! Not only thanking me, but kissing my stomach saying, "Thank you baby brother".

Last weekend Jason called her his Gracie Baby, and she corrected him, saying, "No dada,  I not baby, I Gracie JO!" And this morning when I woke her up I called her baby (a habit I'm trying sooo hard to break!), to which she told me, "I not baby no more, I'm Gracie Jo".

Jason & I play these 'I'm gonna get you' games where we chase her around the house and she'll scream running away from one of us and into the other one's arms. During this time, whoever is the parent 'saving' her, she calls 'Super'. "Help me Super Momma, Dada gonna get me! Super Momma!!" Exact quote from last night.

We saw a little newborn baby boy the other day, and I told Grace he maybe was someone else's baby brother. And she told me that he was not HER baby brother, and then reminded me that HER baby brother was inside my belly.

She calls her swimsuit, her 'swim soup', and when she 'reads' us a book, at the end, instead of saying The End, she says, "B M".

Sometimes when I tell her to dance, she starts waddling like a penguin saying 'dance like a penguin'. It was super random and completely caught me off guard the first time.

She knows that a ghost says boo (I'm still dumbfounded as to how she knows that?).

She's scared to death of bugs and a picture of Bob Marley...

If a motorcycle, air plain, or truck drives by, she can tell you which one it was by just the sound it made.

She's just so gosh-darn cute, and I'm loving just about every minute of being her mommy.