Tuesday, February 8, 2011

She Turns 2 Today! (& I Feel Old!)

 -Gracie Jo-

Exactly two years ago today you were placed into my arms and my whole world changed in a million beautiful ways! It’s hard to believe you’re already two. Sometimes when I watch you sleep I still see you as my little newborn baby girl. 6lb 3oz, bald, and beautiful! I so vividly remember the first time you made eye contact with me, the first time you walked to me, and my absolute favorite- the first time you told me you loved me. Seeing you for the first time changed my life in my so many wonderful ways. You made me a mother, in more ways than simply giving you birth. Over the last two years you’ve forced see the world in breathtakingly new ways. You’ve given me a level of peace, grace, hope, and patience I never knew I had in me. Being your mother is the most gratifying and rewarding opportunity I have ever been given. Thank you for being my little princess. Happy 2nd Birthday my sweet Gracie Jo!

Love & Kisses,