Friday, February 4, 2011

Casper, the (un)Friendly Ghost.

Blame it, I guess, on these really, really cold temperatures we're having in Phoenix right now! (Seriously... my heater wants to run all day? Not saying this with any glory, but I'm a Phoenix girl. I'm not use to freezing all night in bed, let alone- having to wear clothes??). Lately, all I can think about is summer. Laying by the pool with Gracie, getting a tan!, getting toned up a tad for bikini wear, and having a super cold beer and/or margarita (or 2) while basking in the sun. Oh wait, that's right! I'm pregnant! I'll be an extra 25lbs (if I'm lucky) and I'll probably be egg-white-WHITE! My last pregnancy I found out I was pregnant on June 9th, so I still had the whole summer to (while making sure I stayed hydrated & not over heated) play in the sun! Loosing that initiate ten pounds from morning sickness = me wanting to LIVE in a bikini that summer.

So I guess I'm saying this summer, I'm still going to be out there, in my bathing suit (with a tank top that won't be removed of coarse) and I plan on taking Gracie swimming as much as I can and getting a little vitamin D while basking in the sun a tad. This summer's goal is to not look like Casper, the friendly ghost, when it's time to head to the hospital!