Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Walkin' Baby Feet.

Ok. I'm going to make a point to blog more, I've decided. Not because of the new year, but because I had some extra time to put this little diddy together. I'm expecting my mother be to be knocking on the door any second now. She's coming over to witness the beautifulness that is Gracie Jo. And she's walking! She took her first steps on Monday, and has been walking around like a maniac ever since. Falling, trying to run, tripping over her own feet. It's so cute to watch, and so sad sometimes because she gets soo frustrated at herself that she starts screaming and crying. She'll be a year old next month, & it's amazing how fast this first year has gone by, & so very, very sad to see the first year leave us.

Jason's team won last night, by 30 points. He cancelled practice tomorrow night, and we're going to Hooters to use our gift card, & then going to watch Texas kick some football butt.

Life has been really good lately. As it has been for a really long time. Jason told me that for the longest time he didn't understand what married people meant when they said they loved each other more and more everyday as the years went by, and that he now understands because he loves me in bigger, better, different ways all the time. It was nice to hear him share the same feelings with me that I have for him. It made me feel all warm, and... girly inside. =)