Monday, January 11, 2010


My daughter slept through the whole night, which is rare, & I thought to myself when I woke, ' Could this be a new beginning? Has she finally decided to sleep through the night?" Well, I don't think so. I woke up to a sad, hopeless looking face, covered in snot. I've been running a humidifier all day, which seems to help. She hasn't been too backed up, it's all just running out her nose. I have to be there every 4 minutes with a tissue to keep her from licking it up, like a dog. Go figure. On a cuter, much happier note, Gracie's vocabulary is really starting to widen. She says; dog, up, daddy, mama, bye, & hi. She's waving, clapping, putting her hands in the air on command, giving hugs & blowing kisses. And today I stared trying to teach her to say 'Love you', at which she says, "Loooooffuu" I've never been a huge baby person. Of coarse I was going to love and adore my own, but I've been so excited for the day that her & I can actually bond in more then just a 'heres your milk, be happy. momma loves you.' kind of way.