Friday, January 30, 2009


To my unborn daughter  Gracie Jo,

As you have been growing inside me I have been thinking a lot about the day I will finally meet you. So many of us are so excited to see you for the first time. I feel like I know some things about you already from the months you've spent inside of me. You seemed a little shy in the beginning, almost hesitant to move, but as soon as you found your arms and legs, you didn't seem to want to stop. At your ultra sounds, you refused to let us take pictures of you. You always had your hands and arms in your face, just like your mom does. Right before I go to bed, you seem to get a burst of energy, and think mommy's belly is a punching bag. When I'm not feeling well, it takes just a little nudge from you, and I feel so much better, just like daddy does when I need some cheering up!

There's so many things I wonder about you. I wonder if you dream yet, and what you dream about when you sleep. I wonder if the loud music in the car bugs you, and if you too can feel when daddy is taking up the whole bed! I dream about what you will look like. If you will have a full head of hair like your daddy, or if you will be bald your whole first year like your mommy. Who will you look the most like? I know you will be an adorable baby, and grow up to be a beautiful, young lady.

I can't wait to meet you and teach you all about this world. Some things will be easier to explain than others, but your father and I will do our best to help you understand the good and the bad. Your daddy is a little smarter than your mommy, (which he will let you know many times.) so for the tougher life questions, I hope you go to him. Someday you'll have your heart broken, and someday maybe lose a few important people in your life, but we'll teach you that its all in God's plan, and I will be there to help you cope and understand. I hope through life, and all its lessons, you will stay humble, stay focused, and always thrive to be original.

You have two more weeks of growing inside of me before you are ready to meet everyone. When you make it clear to us that you are ready to come out, we will be here, ready to hold you for the first time. Ready to feed you, keep you warm, protect you, and love you more than anything else in this world.

With all the love in the World,