Monday, February 16, 2009

Amazing Grace.

So I had Grace on Sunday 02.08.09 @ 2:45am. I labored alllll day at home on Saturday. Contractions were ten minutes apart, so if I had decided to go to the hospital, I would have only been sent home. They told me to wait until they were 5 minutes apart, which seemed like it was never going to come. Soo, I went on with the day as much as normal as I could. We had pizza for lunch, had some friends over, took a long walk, then went to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner with Jason & his basketball team. During dinner the contractions went to about 6 minutes, and I wasn't waiting any longer. We came home, grabbed some stuff, and headed out. I was dilated 5 cm and growing. Around midnight I got my epidural, and at 2am, they said the baby was ready, but the doctor was delivering another baby. Sooo, I held her in for 30mins, and started pushing. In just 15 minutes and a few pushes, she came flying out!

A baby is a beautiful miracle. I still have a hard time looking at her and believing she is mine; that Jason & I created her in just one single night. She's such a good baby too. She rarely cries; unless its time for me to go to bed. But, she sleeps in the night for almost 4 hours at a time.

Everything in my life has changed. I'm living it for her now, which is a little bit of a strange feeling. Her well-being is put before that of anyone else. I never believed in love at first sight, until I met her. She makes me want to be a better person each and everyday. My love for Jason has changed immensely. I didn't think I could love him anymore than I did, but with each day that he holds, feeds, and cares for Grace (and I), my heart grows stronger. And he does such a great job being a dad. He makes it look so easy. I love the family God has given me, and I would never ask for anything different, or anything more.

I got a dirty diaper to change...