Sunday, December 14, 2008

bubblebath, basketball, & baby.

Jason's still sick, and it makes me really sad. I like the opportunity to take care of him though. We got some medicine tonight, I made him a hot bubble bath and talked to him when he soaked in it. He's running a slight fever, and he's been fighting whatever it is that he's had for a few weeks now. I'm going to call the doctor tomorrow and get him in to see someone at the family practice that I use to go to. I hope he gets better soon. We're scared that I might be a carrier of whatever he's got. I was sick for about two weeks right before he caught it from me. I recovered, he hasn't.

Lets see, other than Jason being sick, life is going really good, and REALLY fast! Christmas is in less than two weeks. We're celebrating with my family on the Eve, and with his on Xmas day. I'm excited. We still just have to buy for our moms, and then I think we're set. Oh, and eachother.

I went to Jason's bball game last Friday. The girls at Veritas are sooo nice. Each one of them came up to me and personally introduced themselves, and congradulated us on our pending child. They then told Jason how pretty they thought I was. It made me feel really good to be there, and really happy that Jason's able to be involved in their lifes. He's going to make a wonderful father. =)

I go to my31 week checkup tomorrow at the dr. In two weeks I go to get my 3D ultra sound. With work and bball, I don't think Jason is going to be able to make it. But I'm asking my mom and his mom to come, since they didn't have stuff like that when they were preggo, and I just think the grandmas would really enjoy it! I'm purchasing a disc to bring home so Jason can see actual movements along with the pictures.

So that's a little update. God is truely blessing Jason and I. With the baby on the way, tons of family support, and just lots and lots of love. I could not ask for anything more right now. =)    P.S. This is now MY journal. Jay just isn't into it. Who would have thought?!  ^_^